Pricing is as individual as the quilt we are working on. It really depends on what you would like the finished quilt to look like.  Some quilts look best with a very simple overall pattern.  Others look better with something that has a little more detail. And still others look best with a custom quilting that puts separate designs in each of the blocks and something else in the sashing.  We have several hundred patterns to choose from so we can create the perfect design for your quilt to showcase all of your hard work. 

Here are some general guidelines on pricing:

          ECONOMY QUILTING - (LARGE BASIC MEANDER) - $.015 per square inch
 EDGE TO EDGE DESIGNS- $.02 to .03 per square inch (depending on design)

          SEMI-CUSTOM QUILTING - $.04 per square inch
CUSTOM QUILTING- $.05 TO $.10 per square inch (depending on design)


We offer several choices of batting:
                  100% Wool is available for $15.00 per yard
                  80/20 blend is available for $8.50 per yard

                  80/20 blend is available in black for $10.00 per yard
                  If you would prefer 100% cotton or 100% polyester, please contact us for pricing.


All binding is done by machine on the front and the back of the quilt. If you provide the fabric, we will be happy to prepare and attach the binding for you. Since the binding is attached by machine on the front and back, unlike binding that is sewn by hand, there will be a line of top-stitching on the back side of the binding.

THREAD - Our preferred thread is Glide. It is a 40 weight polyester thread and is available in a wide variety of colors to compliment almost any quilting project.  The cost of the thread is included in our pricing. If you wish to have a cotton thread, or Premo-Soft polyester, which has the look of cotton, we will be happy to provide that at an additional charge.

We will be happy to quote you a price for your project.
Send us a photograph of the quilt and a description of what you would like the
quilting to look like, and we will send you a price quote.